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Moving Rules & Regulations


The purpose of the Movers' Rules and Regulations is to establish the procedures by which a mover employed by a building tenant at The Offices at Park Ten must conduct any move-in, move-out or miscellaneous interim move. These rules are designed to protect the Building's common areas from abusive and / or irresponsible behavior by moving company personnel. Adherence to the rules and regulations below will minimize the likelihood of accidents. The tenant and its mover are responsible for curing any damage, accidental or otherwise that might occur during any move activity.

  1. No move will be allowed to proceed without an approved Certificate of Insurance from the moving company on file in the Property Management’s Office.
  2. Access to the tenant's space and freight elevators must be obtained through the tenant.
  3. All moving must take place after-hours, between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday or on weekends.
  4. A supervisor employed by the moving company must be on-site at all times to supervise all moving personnel.
  5. Masonite or some other protective covering (but, not paper) must be used to line the walls and floors in all corridors and/or elevator lobbies along the move path leading into the freight elevators and loading dock. This is the mover's responsibility, no such material will be provided by the Property Management Office.
  6. Under no circumstances will any doors be left propped open in any way shape or form (including the loading dock doors), except on the move floor in which case, any propped doors must be returned to the closed condition and locked at the end of the move.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in the building. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area. Any moving personnel observed smoking in the building or on the grounds except in the designated area will be instructed to leave the property immediately.
  8. Radios within the move destination are permissible subject to any conflicts with the Tenant's directives and acceptable volume levels. If the radio can be heard from an adjacent tenant’s space, the mover may be instructed to lower the radio volume. If a second request is necessary the mover may be instructed to remove the radio from the building.
  9. Loud talking, profanity at any volume level and crude behavior as judged by building staff is not permitted. If such behavior persists, the mover personnel engaging in such behavior will be instructed to leave the property.
  10. All mover personnel must either wear a uniform (t-shirt with moving company logo is acceptable) or a badge indicating the company they work for while at the building performing the move.
  11. No moving personnel will be allowed on the property without an acceptable shirt, pants and shoes as judged by building personnel. No attire with offensive logos, designs, etc. will be permitted on the property. Any moving personnel with offensive tattoos as judged by building personnel must wear attire that covers such tattoo. (Landlord does not consider tattoos offensive in general.)
  12. Moving personnel are not authorized to go anywhere in the building other than the move destination and the pathway to the loading dock. Moving personnel discovered anywhere else in the building will be instructed to leave the property immediately.
  13. All furniture and or materials must be moved from the tenant's space through the delivery entrance in a continuous fashion. Under no circumstance should any cargo be left unattended to block a corridor or passageway.
  14. Elevator doors may not be propped open or obstructed from their normal use in any way. Elevators must be operated exactly as Property Management instructs the moving company prior to the move. Elevator damage repairs will be billed to the tenant. If the elevator malfunctions, moving personnel should immediately notify The Property Management that will dispatch the appropriate personnel to address the situation.
  15. Moving personnel are not authorized under any circumstances to attempt to repair any elevator equipment.
  16. All trash created from the moving process must be removed from the site. The areas of the building subject to the move-out process should be left in the same condition prior to the move-out. The tenant will be billed for any excess cleaning necessary as a result of the move.
  17. The tenant will be billed for any damage to the building including wall, ceiling, lights, floor surfaces, etc. caused during the move.
  18. These Rules and Regulations will be enforced by a combination of Building Security, Management and Engineering personnel. Such personnel can and will instruct moving personnel immediately off site for violating any of these rules. If the moving personnel in question resists, the second request will be accompanied by a trespass violation dispatch to the Houston Police Department.
  19. The Landlord reserves the right to terminate any move in the event any one or more of the following circumstances occur:
    • Civil disturbance
    • Act-of-God, (i.e., weather related, fire, etc.)
    • Building mechanical system failure
    • Repeated violation by moving personnel of these Rules and Regulations
  20. Any attachments referenced below the signature lines are included as those rules and regulations herein.
  21. Any and all deliveries made via a tractor trailer to the loading docks needs to be manned by a traffic officer. You have the option to get your own certified officer or contact the Property Management Office.

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